I have been spending a little too much time in the Scottish sunshine recently.

But it’s gone now.. So here are my latest purchases to save me from the summer rain that has been thrown at us…

2013-07-25 18.18.42


When I woke up this morning (slightly jaded from the gallons of prosecco enjoyed by a friend and myself last night) I was actually excited to hear rain outside.. It meant I could wear my new Zara trench.

It’s a trench by name, not so much by style. But I love it. It also comes in camel. Get your hands on this bad boy soon as I recon stock will be low with the heat having waved goodbye.

Keeping my new “trench” company are my beautiful new shoes.. These will not be so useful in the rain, but will go down a treat next month for a wedding I’m attending. Best of all… They go with pretty much everything! (Also from Zara) 





Keep tuned for some new posts over the next few days.


PS. Sizes in the trench coat run big for Zara clothing. They’ve obviously discovered women have these things called boobs.


Fed up of the sales and uninspiring pre-fall collections from the high street stores (sadly my budget is not currently stretching to the new collections on Net-a-Porter… A moments silence for my first world problem please) led me to look further a field  in the world of e-commerce to Tictail.

I had heard rumours of these fancy new sites such as Etsy, Shopify and Tictail making it pretty darn easy for your average Joe Bloggs to start selling their products or set up an online shop, bringing down the trade barriers of the fashion world.The concept is great. Trying to find the independent sites isn’t.

So I spent some time doing a bit of research, sussing out what’s what, and like magic we now have five of my favourite finds.


Giraffe Sweat from Sasha Melnick available here.


Baroque print jumpsuit from Sabfashion Lab available here.


Ethnic Print Clutch from icawatermelon available here.


A slightly rude sweat from Sabfashion lab available here.


Burger bag from Lewis Stringer available here.

I’m certain there are hundreds of other great items to be found on Tictail, however finding them is no easy task. But I’ll keep browsing.

The Short Straw.

I graduate tomorrow. Nineteen years of education, four of which were spent tackling an MA in Economics, and what’s the dress code?

Office wear. 

Well if that doesn’t bring the whole occasion down a peg or two, I don’t know what does.

Having made a vow to myself that I will never work in an environment where it is mandatory to be clad in office wear on a daily basis I chose a dress that should hopefully have the chance to see the light of day again in its life time.

This little number comes form Karren Millen and is now on sale… But only available in a size 6 and 8. So if you’re skinny, you’re in luck!


I received a text from my sister earlier, which went something along the lines of…

“Fuck. What do I wear to your graduation?” Knowing the girl favours a black outfit, the only response I could muster up was- “Dress as though you are going to a funeral. But with a bit more pizazz.”

My guests have never even attempted solving a Lagrangian Multiplier, nor have they ever found someones maximum utility- But they get to wear what ever they like. If you’re stuck with what to wear to a graduation ceremony (as a guest- if you’ve spent several years slogging your guts out over textbooks then you’re most probably stuck in the 50 shades of grey category), heres a few suggestions.

The sexy sibling?
25S40EBLK_large 1856210050_1_1_313M03ENAV_large

These items are available here - Leather Crocodile SkirtNecklaceOversized TAnkle Strap Sandal

The intellectual sibling?

09Q05EIVR_large 27K11EPPK_large 1856210050_1_1_3 5204201098_1_1_1

These items are available here -Textured TopPink Organza Insert SkirtNecklaceLeather Shoes

The Sibling who wishes they were also graduating?


These items are available here- Tricolour DressPointed Vamp Shoe


2694751712_6_1_34404204070_1_1_3 5204201098_1_1_1

These items are available here- Printed DressMinaudièreLeather Shoes

I think it’s safe to say the student draws the short straw.

The Cherry on Top.

Arriving home late to Edinburgh on Sunday night after a weekend roaming through the fields of Aberdeenshire, I was greeted by a mysterious parcel.



Starting to worry I’d begun online sleep shopping I realised it was a belated birthday present from my Bestie down in London!



An adorable Eliza credit card slip in Nude.


I wish all weekends could end like this. Thanks Bestie!

Is this the end the Mulberry we know and love?

With the abrupt departure of Emma Hill, Mulberrys creative director and a push from the chief executive Bruno Guillon to expand further into Asia with more bags on sale for over £1000, fears are setting in amongst the British middle class. 

Mulberry has always been branded as affordable luxury, however with growing demand in China for high end luxury goods accompanied by a 28% decrease in annual profits, there are worries that Mulberry will step above the British middle class budget. 

Currently the brand is balancing a 40:60 ratio, with the majority of its products being priced under £1000, however how long this will last is unknown. With share prices having halved since this time last year, as well as a 0.4% decrease this week alone, the push for higher profits is needed now more than ever.

One question surrounds this push to create a higher end brand- are Mulberry’s really worth the money? Their success stems from the attainability of a luxury item for the masses, and with this being removed, along with Emma Hill who is responsible for the hugely popular Del Ray and Alexa, whats left? Unless massive alterations to the production process take place ensuring better quality and longer durability, as well as a creative director to the standards of Hill, we’ll just have to hope Asians and Americans enjoy being ripped off. 


Speaking of Sustainability…

Following my recent post harping on about sustainable fashion, and the issue of quality over quantity I’ve gathered a few pieces to consider. Also, I must add my new Moto with regards to shopping…

When purchasing an item, think 3 months in advance. Will you still be wearing it? If the answer is NO! put it back on the shelf and walk away. 

Right… now onto the goods.

First up.


The basic White T.

Now, I’ve always gone by the philosophy of T by Alexander Wang… but I’ve changed my mind. Sorry Mr Wang. Following the sweatshop allegations, and the hefty $50 million Lawsuit in 2011, I’ve moved on to Helmut Lang.


So theres another one to remember- Lang, not Wang!

Note: Some Helmut Lang Garments are made in China, but I guess a T-shirt made by someone in a Chinease factory is better than one made by some poor soul being forced to work for an apparent 25 hours straight to the point where they pass out… Right?


A basic dress that will get you from the office to an orgasm… (That kind of worked, no?)



This sexy little number a Diane Von Furstenberg, and for those of you who don’t know she’s quite the philanthropist. Check some of her foundations out here.

Item Numero Three-o.



Now, hear me out here.

I understand not everyone has a lot of disposable income, but if you get the chance always invest in a good pair of shoes.

These Louboutins are versatile, and  most importantly durable. They are also made internationally… Which I’m guessing means a 5 year old boy in India isn’t practicing his Pritstick skills on the bottom of your £400 shoe.

Sadly, I can’t say an awful lot about Mr. Louboutins philanthropic efforts… I’m sure he’s a nice guy. Just look at his smile!



Last but not least.



Of course I’m suggesting a mulberry as your staple bag… What is a Brit without a Mulberry?

I swear by Mulberries. Sometimes I wish mine would break, just so I would have an excuse to buy this lover boy above.. (Just kidding) Oh, and I should probably mention they are all produced within Europe.



All of these products are available on Net-a-Porter herehere and here.. apart from the Mulberry which is available here.